Friday, November 7, 2008

And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street (Republic, MO)

I saw some interesting things while in Republic, MO today. This is my first installment of “And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street”.
Our first innocuous stop was Cable America. The only thing that made this errand interesting was the fact that the local cable company is housed in, a house. I don’t have a picture, yet, but for now you will just have to believe me. The sign should have said “Cable Rural America” or something.

Next stop, the grocery store. I think that there are three grocery stores in Republic, but we stopped in at Price Cutter, because it was across the street from Cable Rural America. Our grocery list was small, carrots and onions for tomorrows stew, and brownie mix for my munchies today. While searching the aisles for the stoner food I stumbled across a product from Heinz, Spotted Dick. I was smart enough to grab my phone this time and take a picture. I wasn’t about to try it, and Maxine didn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea either. We are both picky eaters. Apparently, Spotted Dick is sponge pudding, a British treat. Drop the can in boiling water for 30 minutes and serve warm.

I spotted Spotted Dick for sale in Republic, Mo

We decided to take the scenic route home and drove down Harrison Street. Harrison Street looks like most every other neighborhood street. The interesting thing about this particular street was that it intersects with George Avenue. Yep, George Harrison. I wasn’t as quick on the draw this time and didn’t get a picture and Max didn’t want to turn around. But thanks to Google technology, here is the map to back me up.

View Larger Map

Those are the things that I saw on “Mulberry Street” in Republic. And yes, the brownies were delicious!

Fast facts:
  • And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street is a book written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss. Originally published in 1937, it was Seuss's first children's book.
  • Spotted refers to the dried fruit (which resemble spots) and Dick may be a contraction/corruption of the word pudding (from the last syllable) or possibly a corruption of the word dough.
  • Other usages for the word “dick” include a riding whip, an apron, an abbreviation for “dictionary”, a policeman, a declaration, and (of course), the penis.
  • Spotted Dick could also be a symptom of Syphilis, Herpes, Behcet’s Disease, or Reiter’s Syndrome.
  • Camera phones were first commercially available in North America in 2002.
  • The girl's name Maxine is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "greatest".
  • Maxine was the 359th most popular name for a baby girl born in 1959. The name was most popular in 1923 when it ranked 76th.
  • George Harrison was the first ex-Beatle to achieve a #1 single, “My Sweet Lord”.
  • George Harrison became the first Beatle to arrive on American soil, when he visited his sister Louise, in Benton Illinois, September 1963.
  • Louise Harrison now manages a Beatles tribute band in Branson, Mo, where she also lives. Branson is about an hour drive from Republic.

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