Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old Brownfield, Missouri?

My brother has been searching for the old town of Brownfield, Missouri. We have located the location of the Brownfield Store, near the Brownfield Baptist Church on Highway K. We are assuming that this area is New Brownfield. Google Maps shows Brownfield as being at the intersection of Flagstone and Fairview Road.

However, on a recent "off the beaten path" trip in Kyle's Bronco, we saw some old buildings that made us think that maybe it was actually located down Fair Road, off of Fairview Road. If you can identify these structures, please email me at snoopdorkydork71@gmail.com

A structure on Fair Road, that we believe may have once been a store. Photo by Snoop

A wonderful old barn on Fair Road, not far from the Pulaski County Line. Photo by Snoop

A sign, done in the style of the sign on the M*A*S*H* television show, pointed us further down the road to Blackberry Meadow, Eagle Point, Gasconade River, Gravel Bar, and Katie Spring. Fair Road was gated before we reached the Gasconade River, but before we got to the gate we found this beauty:

Farm House at End of Fair Road. Photo By Snoop.

I am not an expert on old houses, but I am guessing that this was built in the mid to late 1800's, with the Victorian style front addition built on later. I bet this grand old lady has quite a few stories to tell. If anyone knows of any of them, please share!

I have also learned that there are two cemeteries in Old Brownfield, Missouri. Jeff pointed out a "cemetery" somewhere on this road trip, but I do not recall where we were when we found it. He pointed back off the road, at what he had been told was a cemetery. We will have to go back when the leaves are off the trees to be able to tell for sure.

Nicks Cemetery: Laclede County, on a farm owned by Dr. Harvey Nickels. Highway 17 South to Old Brownfield.

Nicks Cemetery: Pulaski County, on a farm owned by Earl Nicks. Highway 17 South to Old Brownfield.

Cemetery directions from "Tombstone Inscriptions Throughout Pulaski County" available at the 1903 Pulaski County Missouri Courthouse Museum.

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