Sunday, September 13, 2009

Honey, I'm Home!

This was published in a Fort Worth, Texas newspaper, September 8, 1909. I reprint it here because 100 years later, it is still an interesting story.

24 Years Gone; Returns. Missouri Man Found Wife on Farm Where He Left Her.

Springfield, Mo., Sept. 7.--Twenty-four years ago Jacob J. HILL homesteaded a quarter section of land in Pulaski county but before he proved up on it he disappeared from home. Years elapsed and nothing was heard from HILL. His wife was permitted to prove title to the land, and with her five children she clung to the old hillside farm, barely eking out an existence. Some years ago Mrs. HILL was forced to mortgage a portion of the original tract.

Much to her surprise, her husband put in an appearance a few days ago, and has claimed his farm and his wife, who had not been divorced nor married again. The only explanation HILL offered was that he has been living in Texas all these years. When he returned he claimed ownership of the farm, and, it is stated, declared he would not pay the mortgage put on it by his wife. The story of HILL's disappearance and return after so many years became known when holders of the mortgage executed by Mrs. HILL appeared at the government land office here to ascertain whether or not they can collect their claims on the patent issued to Mrs. HILL

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