Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Updates & Corrections For August 2009

The Irish Cemetery is referenced in the book Tombstone Inscriptions of Pulaski County. It states "Several Irish workers who died while building the railroad are buried near Keeling's Diner on the Spur to Ft. Leonard Wood."
This moves the location further away from the Main Gate, which makes more sense to me. I had wondered how the U.S. Army had not uncovered their remains when they built the gate and then revamped it after September 11, 2001. Of course, Keeling's Diner has been replaced by a gas station, and I do not recall hearing about any bodies being uncovered during the digging for pumps and tanks. Surely that would have been big news in this small town. The description does say, near Keeling's Diner, though, not under the parking lot, so who knows.

I apologize for jumping the gun and commenting that the Pulaski County Historical Society overlooked the Poor Farm in the book mentioned above. I based that off the list of cemeteries included in the Table of Contents and neglected to look in the "Unknown Gravesites and Lone Graves" section. It is included there and I am including it here for posterity:

"The Old County farm Cemetery, near Waynesville is marked by sandstones only."

I have two additions to add to the list of confirmed burials at the County Farm:
BROYLES, CORA BELLE APR 8, 1871-AUG 29, 1951
GATES, ELIAS H. NOV 13, 1866- DEC 24, 1946

Hopefully, if the Historical Society prints an update or a revision to their book, these twenty three names will be included. The book, along with other publications, is available for purchase at the 1903 Pulaski County Missouri Court House Museum. The search for more confirmations of burials at the County Farm Cemetery still continues.

I have been asked about making a database of cemetery info and a compilation of the locations of the places from the past that we have sought out over the summer. Those are both big projects to undertake but I have not thrown those ideas out the window yet. Keep the comments and emails coming, I cave under pressure rather easily!

I have started an online repository of Pulaski County, Missouri obituaries for genealogical research. It can be located at:


As of September 1, 2009 it includes 210 obituaries. A majority of them are from this summer, but a good portion are from the John J. Watts collection.
John J. Watts hailed from Warren, Maine and moved to the northern Ozarks of Missouri sometime after the Civil War. He was a circuit-riding Baptist Minister and his territory covered Phelps, Pulaski, and Texas Counties and parts of Maries and Dent Counties. He established a cemetery, Watt’s Lawn, which is located 1 mile West of J Highway, near the Pulaski County-Phelps County line. This collection covers 1878-1912. I am posting them in blog format, simply because of search functionality. To search by name simply type the name in the box and click "search blog" in the upper left hand corner. If you have a full obituary, other than an abstract, that you would like included, simply email me at snoopdorkydork71@gmail.com.

I have spent a lot of time with the deceased this summer, whether by walking through the cemeteries, searching through death certificates, or reading hundred year old ledgers. I want to take a moment to return to the living and celebrate a special occasion of two of my dear friends. Mike Elmer and Terrie Runion were married August 29, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Terrie is one of my dearest, and oldest friends and I am happy to count Mike as my brother-in-law. I wish you two a long, joyful, and prosperous marriage. Congratulations!

Laura a/k/a Snoop Dorky Dork

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