Sunday, September 13, 2009

Smallpox in Missouri Legislature (1907)

The following was published in a newspaper in San Jose, California, February 23, 1907.

Smallpox in Missouri Legislature--Legislators Are Shunned.

Jefferson City, Mo., Feb 22.--Representative
W. J. Salts, of Phelps county, was taken down with smallpox while in his seat upon the floor of the House today. Much commotion occurred among the other members.

The House this afternoon, after its hall had been fumigated, adjourned until Monday. The Senate voted to work a few hours this afternoon, and then adjourn until Tuesday next.

Many boarding house keepers have refused to allow Legislators to enter their homes, and Governor Folk a short time offered the use of his mansion to those who are unable to obtain quarters elsewhere.

Representatives Salts was in conference with Governor Folk a short time this morning. The Governor said: "I noticed the pimples on Mr. Salts face, but thought nothing of them at the time. Possibly I shall have to get vaccinated now, but I do not feel at all alarmed.

The Governor was vaccinated about three years ago, he said.

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